Organizations start-up for many different reasons and in many different industries.  That said they all start out with one thing in common – a passion for their purpose.  After more than 40 years in the workplace Summerstone Group knows passion is most certainly a key element of getting off the starting line, but no organization can survive on passion alone.  Summerstone Group has been there from; start-up, family-owned, small, mid and large organizations to Fortune 50 corporation, and we know without a direction and relevant distinction along with a collective sense of purpose that passion fades and the business along with it. 

Summerstone Group operates as a process-centered guide to two of the often overlooked imperatives to your success; Brand Position and Workplace Conflict Resolution. We have been on the receiving end of  too many consultants that come in with a “We did it this way, and so should you.” style of meeting a client’s needs.  We know all to well that expert in a conference room telling rather than listening. 

Summerstone Group thinks there is a better way. We are not interested in telling you how to run your business, that’s your job.  Summerstone Group’s job is to show you how to better define your business within your industry and help you manage workplace conflicts so your team(s) are more productive and satisfied with their jobs and contributions.  We listen, learn your organization.  We lead, we do not tell.  We show you we don’t do it for you.

Summerstone Group is effective support for a stronger organization and bottom-line.    *    952.270.3254