Mediation is an effective answer for resolution of workplace conflict, providing safe structure for addressing difficult conversations.

A process for settling internal workplace disputes is a recognizable need, and yet in most organizations it goes unaddressed until it spreads beyond the original parties.  Disputes can sometimes be seen, other times not, but their impact is felt one way or the other; inefficiency, distracted staff, ineffective teams and a lack of overall engagement.  The more serious swell to noticeable friction, undermining coworkers, and a blatant disregard for achieving the organization’s goals.  Eventually unresolved conflict results in the departure of the company’s best employees and customers, and often legal action.

Now is not the time to allow conflict to continue – besides being costly to your organization, your staff and customers no longer tolerate harassment of any type in the workplace.  Unresolved workplace conflict comes with a price too high to pay for any organization.

Summerstone Group is qualified neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice, serving without opinion or bias, guiding disputing parties to resolve their issues together to mutually create a plan for their more productive ongoing relationship.  All Summerstone Group mediation is conducted with full confidentiality.


Summerstone Group is committed to a proven process for effective results and efficient use of your time.  For more details contact us.